Pretty Place Chapel

DISCLAIMER: So, I am going to T R Y to be a better blogger…  keyword TRY.  To all my clients and future clients… I owe you an apology.  I have like 1000000000 things to blog an I am just much better at taking photos then blogging. BUT here it goes…  😉


Gosh, this wedding, adorable, you can just see their joy and love!  …. The Pretty Place Chapel is quite the hike, and in the middle of no where, but ALWAYS worth it (even when you lock you keys in the car and have to call a tow truck and the closest tow truck is 1.5hrs away, and they arrive only to tell you that they cannot get your keys out and you will have to be towed….and then…. you miraculously find your keys!!!)  …yup, even then, worth it!  

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